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Gilmore Girls Kit

Netflix is a global provider of streaming movies and TV series. Serving over 190 countries worldwide, Netflix now produces and distributes original programming.

The Gilmore Girls revival, “A Year In The Life,” launched in November 2016 giving fans around the world a chance to watch the characters’ four seasons of change unfold.

Monarch & Company was tasked with designing and producing a mailer kit for Netflix’s global partners, media outlets, and influencers to create excitement around the reboot and provide necessities for a Gilmore Girl's “Date Night With Mom” viewing experience.

We designed and engineered a full color corrugated box with a vibrant, impactful vinyl decal featuring Lorelai and Rory. Each element inside the “Date Night With Mom” kit was designed to create the perfect atmosphere for the ultimate binge session. From popcorn and Redvines to custom flavored pop tart biscotti’s and chopsticks, this kit offered a nostalgic “Gilmore Girls” experience. We also included a soft and cozy Netflix blanket with a fun belly band and the iconic oversized Luke’s mug as keepsakes following the release.

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