Bring Your Best Bowl Kit

The Quaker Oats Company, formed by the pioneers of the oat industry in the 1850’s, was inspired by the principles of Quaker Values and the belief in the amazing nutritional value of the oat – our super grain.

The Bring Your Best Bowl campaign was the first time Quaker opened up the doors for consumers to submit their ideal oatmeal flavor for a chance to win $250,000. Monarch & Company created a media kit that was sent to 65 media outlets and celebrity influencers in efforts to gain media coverage for the contest.

Our goal was to create an impactful one of a kind interactive experience for the recipients. We designed and engineered a custom matte corrugated box with a custom insert to hold all the materials necessary for a DIY taste test.

The experience begins with an overview of the campaign, a personalized welcome letter and instruction card, three custom bowls, a stainless steel spoon, and a bottle of Aquafina water. After lifting the bowls, the three packets of oatmeal along with a customized reveal card, heighten the interactive component inviting the recipient to taste and guess the winning flavor.

This campaign received 18 million impressions and gained an online exclusive with AOL Lifestyle, click here for article.

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