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4 Reasons To Consider A Company Pop-Up Store

Rachel Minogue

As an alternative to traditional web stores, custom company stores increase employee engagement and eliminate the downsides of a traditional store. Company stores can be held 2 – 4 times a year with new apparel and merchandise styles are offered with every rollout.

1.Create Excitement

Keep your team engaged and excited about your brand by offering new, on-trend merchandise and seasonal apparel styles with each company store. Ask employees to vote between three new items before your company store launches, and then feature the winning item in the store. This will help your team feel engaged, drive website traffic, and create some friendly competition in the office.

2.Stay Relevant

Make it about your team! Post-store surveys from employees provide valuable feedback and suggestions. If employees see their suggestions or ideas in the next store, they will know you’re listening. Make the surveys anonymous to generate honest feedback and a high response rate.

3.Stay Within Budget

Employees are more likely to purchase your company’s merchandise and apparel when you subsidize the item’s cost. You can request your promotional partner to turn off the subsidy after it reaches a certain limit. This strategy creates a sense of urgency around items—and keeps your employees happy—while also keeping you within budget.

4.Eliminate the Hassle

Say no to too much inventory, expensive storage costs, pick-and-pack fees, and stale merchandise. These new company stores offer an exciting alternative and eliminate the downsides of a traditional store.

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