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4 Ways to Recognize Your Team

Anna Nguyen

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. When it comes to appreciating employees and coworkers, thoughtful gestures can go a long way. Try these four creative ways to recognize your rock-star team.

1. “Hey you, thanks for being so great!”

Start meetings off right by verbally expressing gratitude for someone else in the room. Team members will be more likely to participate and share opinions when the overall vibe is welcoming and positive. Group gratitude also builds trust and cohesiveness—key elements of any effective team, whether on the field, court or in the office!


Every so often, surprise the team with a small gift. Scones from a local bakery on Fridays are a great way to thank the team for their hard work that week. Who says no to a little extra sugar? What’s great about surprise treats is that anyone at any level of the company can participate. Plus, you can make the surprise unique to your team. Think food, flowers, fuzzy socks or anything else sure to make your team smile.

3. Personalized Perks

Jessica in accounting likes to work out. Tim in sales likes to take his daughter to school. Laura in content creation likes to foster puppies. It’s no secret that your team has different interests. So why does everyone have the same benefits plan? Set aside a budget each year for personalized work perks like gym memberships for workout fiends, a podcast subscription service for commuters, flexible schedules for parents (dog and cat parents count too!) and classes in art, cooking, rock climbing, archery or whatever floats your team’s boat.

4. Bienvenido! Velkommen! Bienvenue!

When a new hire joins the team, welcome him or her in style. Take a cue from the current trend in subscription box services and create a fun welcome box filled with company swag, coupons for nearby lunch spots and onboarding documents (less exciting but still important!). This gesture is a great way to ease new team members into company culture and help them get excited for the journey ahead.

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