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5 Apparel Trends to Consider

Rachel Minogue

“Fashion is instant language.”

—Miuccia Prada

Clothing tells a story. When someone says “company apparel,” what image comes to mind? If you’re picturing a group of employees dressed in the identical one-color polos with a logo on the upper-right chest… what kind of story are you telling?

Per the Prada quote above, company apparel is “instant language.” The apparel and merchandise you offer your employees can and should be a direct reflection of your company’s values, attitudes, and workplace experience. Is your brand young, quirky, and full of energy? Or, is your brand established, conservative, and thoughtful? Branded apparel helps illustrate who you are to the world—it’s a sneak peek into your company’s culture.

If you work at a startup or creative agency, request a scuba-neck hoodie with a woven label or a tri-blend fleck t-shirt with a water-based screen print. If you work at a major corporation, request a retail brand with a reflective transfer or tone on tone embroidery on the sleeve. From workout wear to weekend classics, it’s great to mix it up with your company apparel.

If you need further inspiration, look to retail. Brands such as Under Armour and Threadfast Apparel—aka Urban Outfitter’s go-to for t-shirts and our new fave company for the same—provide excellent quality while not sacrificing style. Shifting your mindset on company apparel can make a huge difference in how your company is perceived both internally and externally.

1. Festival Fashion

2. Weekend Classics

3. Vacation Style

4. Office Casual

5. Workout Wear

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