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Become a Fearless Innovator

Yvonne Lyngaas Zeman

What does it mean to be a fearless innovator? Does it mean never being afraid and always having the best, most creative ideas? No. It means putting your brave face on and embracing new, exciting challenges! There’s no perfect formula for success, but continue reading to find out how you can become your most confident and creative self.

Get Your Brave Face On

  • Embrace the discomfort in the unknown
  • Take risks and make mistakes to learn and adapt
  • Take the next step, no matter how small, and do the next hard thing
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Don’t ask “why,” ask “why not”

Own the Result

  • Try first
  • Pull your own weight
  • Do the work
  • Show up prepared and follow through

Collaborate to Celebrate

  • Be a team player, “ego is not your amigo”
  • Give and receive feedback openly and honestly
  • Seek diversity of ideas to deliver the best results

When Inspiration Strikes (or Doesn’t)

  • Give yourself permission to brainstorm
  • Schedule time to be creative during your work day
  • Take a “brain break” and do something fun
  • Keep an “Ideas” folder on your desktop when inspiration is lacking
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