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Connectedness In The Virtual Economy, Part 1

Anna Nguyen

Our ‘Connectedness In The Virtual Economy’ series is an ongoing conversation to spark ideas and innovation while reinventing your current marketing goals and initiatives. Today’s post focuses on using at-home experiences and intentional product selection to craft your brand’s narrative and forge a long-term emotional brand connection.

We’re living in a moment where traditional brand connections have been severed by quarantine and stay at home orders. Where we’ve been challenged to build new ways to share creativity, reinvention and hope with audiences who aren’t as convenient to connect with as they once were.

We’ve been inspired to see the communities around us step up to the plate and have compiled a few of our favorite categories we’ve seen successfully pivot and emerge with relevant new ways to interact with their audiences. And to bring it full circle, we’ve also included our ideas for elevating and supporting these movements with intentionally executed promo.

1. Keep Moving & Be Well

As stay at home orders spread, so have the rise of fitness brands like Equinox, Pure Barre, and Chill pivoting to bring online classes to our home screens. Suddenly, workouts and meditations from our favorite instructors are more accessible than ever and free trials allow us to dabble in something new to keep variety and flow in our new wellness routines. 

Elevate With Promo: Pair up with a local gym or meditation spot and create a team building challenge. Kick it off by delivering a  ‘Be Well From Home’ package loaded with essentials and paired with a gift card or membership to get activated.

2. Connect With Comfort

Food has been a long time staple in bringing communities and people together to indulge, enjoy, and communicate through the experience of all of the senses. Whether it’s providing the mix to cook up your favorite treats at home or equipping families with the tools to make your own Easter basket, we’ve loved seeing our favorite Chicago bakeries such as Sweet Ali’s and Love, Sugar and Grace offer innovative treats paired with nostalgic and comforting experiences.

Elevate With Promo: Let clients and team members experience your message through a curated word scramble cookie decorating kit. Choose a phrase near and dear to your brand’s initiative and deliver everything needed for an immersive cookie frosting adventure that allows them to interact with your brand through an experience they can share with their loved ones.

3. Field Trip Virtually

Gatherings and workshops hosted by people in our community offer a new way to expand horizons and stay sharp while indoors. Celebrate creativity and get out of your comfort zone by creating your own brand experience, taking a group class, learning from a community expert, or departing on a virtual field trip.

Elevate With Promo: Before the class or field trip begins, send your audience a gift to enhance their experience. Embarking on a wine tasting adventure with your team? Send custom glasses paired with a keepsake cheese board and book to enjoy their learnings far beyond the virtual event. Bonus: include wine and grocery gift cards for your team to personalize their experience and order in their favorite Pinot Noir and gouda. 

4. Binge Intentionally

Streaming traffic is way up and a new category of quaran-streamers has emerged. Many of us are grappling with how many streaming services is too many and we’ve been excited to see services like HBO step up and offer limited free content during this time.

Need a little help on your next quarantine binge? We’ve got a slideshow for that. A Quarantine TV Show For Every Mood >>

Elevate With Promo: Surprise your clients or team with must-have binge essentials paired with your favorite top binge picks. Think ‘run playlist,’ only streaming style. Add personalized, quirky, and unique elements to show you’re listening and to remind them of you far beyond the pandemic. Bonus: Know they have a favorite snack? Add it in to personalize the gift.

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