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Top 5 Trends in Branded Merchandise

Yvonne Lyngaas Zeman

Looking for the latest trends in branded merchandise? Then look no further. Staying on-trend with your branded merchandise is a great way to ensure your brand stays relevant to its audience. Continually refreshing your company’s merch provides the opportunity for new messaging and appealing to different segments of your audience. Continue reading to learn the top five trends in branded merchandise and great suggestions on how to implement them in your own company.

1. Curated Kits

Create a custom curated kit to elevate your brand’s messaging and ensure an unforgettable experience for the recipient. Since kits include many gifts within one all-encompassing campaign, they encourage recipients to incorporate your brand in different aspects of their lives, from home to work to recreation.

Suggestions: Use curated kits for client holiday gifts, executive gifts, thank you gifts or employee onboarding kits.


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2. Personalized Electronics

“Amp” up headphones, speakers, travel electronics and more with a personal touch, whether it be an inspiring quote, your company’s tagline or the recipient’s name. Low minimum orders make personalized electronics great for smaller budgets.

Suggestions: Use personalized electronics for milestone recognitions, company stores, client gifts or president’s club gifts.

3. Co-branded Retail Items

Give your own brand a boost by partnering with a recognizable company that people admire. Co-branded retail items from popular brands like Under Armour or The North Face are high quality, which means recipients are more likely to hang on to them—keeping your own brand front and center too.

Suggestions: Use co-branded retail items for employee swag, corporate stores or companywide meeting gifts.

4. Custom Wearables

Stand out from the crowd with custom wearables. These products encourage team cohesiveness, distinguish you from the competition and establish a recognizable identity, all while showing employees how much you care.

Suggestions: Use custom wearables for sales teams, hospital staff, street teams or brand ambassadors.

5. Full-color Printing

Using full-color printing helps your brand, messaging, and design take center stage. By utilizing larger imprint areas, you can give a “wow” factor to your branded merchandise.

Suggestions: Use full-color printing on packaging, tote bags, and custom apparel.

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