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Jameson Brand Ambassador Wooden Tasting Boards

For Jameson’s Black Barrel Whiskey and Original Irish Whiskey, Monarch created custom wooden taster boards to be used at brand ambassador events. The Monarch team used Jameson’s brand guidelines to ensure brand cohesiveness throughout the design and production of the boards.

Through strategic product sourcing, the Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey taster boards are made from authentic Kentucky bourbon barrel staves that are then charred, giving it a dark, rustic feel. Tasting notes are engraved into all sides of the boards to serve as a useful reminder of the fruity, spicy flavors of the Black Barrel Whiskey. The Jameson Original Irish Whiskey taster boards are made of hardy walnut wood for a traditional feel and also include a space for tasting notes to be jotted down in a notebook or pad while sipping a glass of Jameson’s finest.

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