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A convenient snacking survival kit with no regrets.

Creative Kits

Wasa Snack Stash Kit

Wasa’s goal was to create a snack kit to help people snack with “no regrets” while still feeling satisfied and confident in their food choices. Through working with Wasa, Monarch conceptualized the experience of the snack stash—a handy pouch full of healthy, convenient snacks to get you through your work day, while also making good food decisions that you won’t regret later.

The Wasa Snack Stash includes Wasa crackers, delicious spreads like peanut butter and Nutella, along with a convenient, branded spreader. A set of three branded notebooks and a guide to your “snackspiration” are also included to help you keep track of your snacking habits and provide exciting snacking suggestions. Fabric pouches with Wasa brand colors and custom pattern were produced to keep your goodies within snacking-reach.

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